Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!

Anyone else seen Thank You for Smoking? Cause if you have, then you too might be tempted to yell out the above words while visiting Vermont. (William H. Macy -- an actor I just adore -- plays the senator from Vermont in Thank You for Smoking. Aaron Eckhardt is a PR guy for the smoking industry who -- in response to the senator's attack on smoking -- attacks Vermont for its cheese industry and the resulting high cholesterol levels in Americans. I loved that movie, not only because HS is in PR, but because it thoroughly avoided a happy Hollywood ending -- and ending I really wanted and expected but never got. Because that's what I pay a babysitter for -- a movie that messes with you.)

But I digress. And use far too many em-dashes.

We're back! From Boston! We survived a sixteen-hour car drive with a 2.5-year-old! Actually, he was stellar during the trip. I was the one who almost lost it when I missed the I-89 and ended up adding thirty extra miles to our return trip. Luckily those miles were through very scenic Vermont countryside, so it wasn't too terrible. But I was hungry and mad at HS for not fulfilling his navigator duties. And then we ended up in Montpelier for lunch at an organic vegetarian buffet restaurant (called Rhapsody -- it's on the main street, yummy sesame noodles and egg rolls, you should go). I was thrilled to eat something other than McDonald's for lunch, and HS was pissed that he missed the Subway just down the street. But c'mon, ginger-garlic tofu is good for you!

Lordy it's late, and we're leaving again tomorrow for my MIL's (aka dial-up land, and since this blog is a secret, I may not be posting all that much for the next couple of weeks), and HS is out of town, so I gotta get to bed. More on Boston tomorrow (hopefully). Like Ben & Jerry's! Popular with the biker crowd! Duckling statues at the Public Garden! Didn't disappoint! Just hanging out with the kids in your friends' basement can be fun! Vermont-Quebec border crossing! Not busy! And other gems!

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