Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pssssssst.......I'm over here!

Yikes! This has to be quick. I'm posting from my parents' computer via dial-up on an island in Georgian Bay.

So how are you? How is your summer? Mine has been just lovely. I've been well taken care of at my MIL's place, despite the fact that her modem is fried, so I have no way to post in privacy. I'm stealing a few minutes here while everyone is either napping or swimming. So what have I been up to? Eating the BEST fish at chips at Henry's Fish Restaurant, going to Santa's Village a lot (thanks to a season's pass from my MIL), eating a ton (because I'm not cooking and my MIL has a sweet tooth), and swimming whenever it isn't raining. Oh and we pulled our back-up goalie a few weeks ago, so I'm already convinced I'm knocked up. But then again, I was convinced I was preggers every month during the year we tried for Charlie, so my "instincts" really can't be trusted.

Gotta go! I think someone is waking up!

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