Monday, July 10, 2006

Mother's intuition

Wow, HS and I can be really slow to figure out Charlie sometimes. As illustrated by the Cars debacle, it seems we really need to be hit over the head to get the point across. Case in point: Charlie has been VERY whiny over the last two days. And he was quite tired way before his usual bedtime. And he was up during the night, demanding some company in his big-boy bed (if there are any more nights like this we gotta get a cushier futon). So there's HS and I puzzling over why this might be, is he worn out from the heat? Has he had enough of our merry-go-round of visitors? Did the bike ride do him in? Etc. Um no. He woke up this morning with a fever! Boy do we feel dumb. And to top it all off, I think I'm getting it too! Oh joy! Being sick in the summer just seems so wrong. So I'm off to bed now. And I'm seriously considering chicken soup and neo citran for dinner, despite the heat.

And tomorrow I get my test results back. Not that I'm thinking about that all of the time. Oh no, not me.

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