Friday, July 14, 2006

What, me worry?

Just a quick post while Charlie is enthralled by Dora . . .

The tests came back normal. I don't know why I wasn't being specific, but here's what it was: I found a lump. And after a week of trying to ignore it, I went to my doctor and he confirmed it. A lump in ole righty. No surprise really, righty was the one that gave me all the grief when I was breastfeeding (all those blocked ducts were a right pain in the, well, boob). Anywho, I had a mammogram and ultrasound that both came back normal. Whew!

So of course, after all the worry and guests and generally trying to keep my sh*t together, I am now sick with a lovely cold. And Charlie has it too. Did you know they will give you liquid codeine to treat a bad cough? (For Charlie, not me!) We just had to drug Charlie last night. He's been up for the past three nights; HS and I are not handling the sleep deprivation well. At least he slept until 4:30 a.m.

And now I'm off to Toronto. Just me, no HS, no Charlie. I wasn't going to go because I still have a bit of a sore throat, but HS convinced me that a few days on my own, with friends, would do me some good. And he is willing to take on cranky, snot-soaked, coughy mccougherton all on his own. He is the best husband ever!


scarbie doll said...

Two things:

a) I went through the same thing a few years back. I have cystitis in my left boob.

b) I hope you are going to meet me for a drink (hot or alcoholic)when you are in town!

scarbie doll said...

PS: Glad you're OK

niks said...

Thanks Scarbie! I would love to go for a drink! We might be in Toronto in August, so a drink then would be lovely. Or perhaps a splashpad playdate?