Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Man this blog was getting dusty . . .

As you can tell, my New Year's resolution was not to blog more. Nope, nosiree, let's just say that 2007 is off to a, well, crap, I'm not really sure how to categorize the last 17 days. But let's go back, shall we? To simpler times. December of 2006, for example. And since I am lacking the nap time to construct a coherent narrative, I will fall back on ye olde numbered list to help me out.

1. My birthday. 35. I can no longer check the 25-34 box. I fall into the 35-44. Yuck. Most of the time I'm ok with aging, but when you're trying to get knocked up (finally made my mind up about that one), it pains me to think of the fertility cliff-drop that happens at 35. But hey, I managed to get preggers even after the nose-dive that is 30, so I have, as they say, high hopes.

2. Charlie's birthday. Was wonderful. We rented a skating arena for just the family and Charlie tried out his new single-blade skates. It was awesome. My (and HS's) entire family came, and we all took turns propelling Charlie around the ice. I am just a bit steadier than Charlie on skates, so I really relied on all the hockey players to keep him upright. After skating, we went out for hot chocolate, natch. That night my dad made pizza, Charlie opened presents, including the train table my dad made for him, and we all played Hullabaloo. Charlie was awesome the entire day. He reveled in all the attention, and despite all the excitement, there was nary a meltdown to be seen. He even went to bed late without complaint. After we kissed Charlie goodnight, HS and I basked in the glow of a perfect day and our fantastic three-year-old boy. Charlie's hangover didn't hit until the next morning. Wow, we have NEVER seen him that moody. He was all "dude, where's my love? Where's my entourage? Hello? I needed breakfast five minutes ago!" It was kind of funny in a way, to see someone so small wake up so pissy. It wouldn't have been so amusing, mind you, if I had to deal with that crazy on my own, but since HS and I had Grandma, Nana and Grandpa for back-up, we could handle it without losing our cool. Sort of.

3. Christmas. 'Twas green. My grandma had a charming saying for this type of weather: "Green Christmas, full graveyard." She wasn't the most optimistic person. But that stupid saying kept bouncing around in my head all holiday. However, winter arrived in Ottawa with a vengeance yesterday, which makes me a little less nervous for the future of our planet, but damn it is cold. Good thing we're going to Florida soon.

4. New Year's. My resolutions? 1. Try to get pregnant. (Not so much a resolution as a plan, but still.) 2. Handle my depression better. To that end I am going to an acupuncturist, taking flax seed oil, trying to exercise more (at home too, not just at the gym), and remembering to breathe deeply. Has it helped? So far I haven't fallen down a black hole of despair. We'll see.

So that about wraps up December. It was crazy busy, but it seems so calm compared to what's going on now. But that's another post.