Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Four negatives don't equal one positive

Blogging secrecy + dropped naps + new freelance project = no time for blogging. Ugh.

But here's a quick post to tell you, four negative pregnancy tests don't lie! Surprise! I'm not knocked up, and I'm ok with that. A little disappointed though. I just want to get pregnant right away so 1. I'm not denying myself caffeine for nothing 2. I'm not denying myself my precious, precious meds for no reason. Because dropping my last pill, even though I weaned myself slowly, even though I did it in summer, surrounded by friends and family, was really f*cking hard. Although I feel better, and I can handle the lower moments much better, dammit, I sure as hell don't want them. I liked not having those bad, low days. And while they are nowhere near as severe as they used to be, I'd rather not feel that way at all thank you very much.

But it's sunny today, and we're off to the Governor General's residence for a picnic! You can't feel sad on a picnic, right?

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