Thursday, August 17, 2006

I really want to write something about the past three weeks, but here's what's really going on inside my head

I'm late.

Two days, but still. I never go past 28 days on any cycle (I guess ten years of the pill will do that to you). So you think Hurrah! Break out the pregnancy tests! Um, no. Because, as I am well aware of my cycle, I have already wasted four (yes, four!) of those early response tests, and they all came back negatory. And I have great faith on those tests because one of those sticks announced Charlie with the faintest second line you ever did see. It was so faint that when I went to my doctor to get checked out she was ready to dismiss me with a "Nope, your test is negative." Then she squinted, held it up to the light and said "No wait, hold on a minute. Hmmmmm. Let's send you for some blood work." And voila! Charlie's presence confirmed.

So I'm waiting patiently and ignoring the cramps (not pregnant!) and nausea (pregnant!) that are alternating throughout the day. Because I don't want to cough up another $13.99 for a fifth test that will practically shout out "WHAT ARE YOU DUMB OR SOMETHING?! GIVE UP ALREADY! WE SAID "NEGATIVE" FOUR TIMES!"

Must. Stay. Away. From. Shoppers.

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