Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ya ya yoto! Ya ya yoto! Ya ya yoto to go!

That's what Charlie is yodelling from his crib right now (see above). It makes no sense, but he still belts it out with gusto. He should be sleeping so I can post now that we're back from dial-up land. So, to be quick, I had a lovely week away. Charlie was surprisingly good humoured the whole time and only recited our address once per day (something he does when he wants to go home). I had lots of newborn baby snuggling time with my new niece. And I got a night in Toronto on my own. Hurrah! My hair is a decent multitonal brown hue, not blonde, the split ends are gone, the bubble tea was yummy, and I had the best girls night out complete with fancy cocktails and my new, pointy-toed gold shoes. Just what I needed!

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