Thursday, May 18, 2006

How to mess with your neighbours' heads

Borrow your two-month-old niece. Take a short stroll to the park and back.

Seriously, two of our neighbours pulled over as they were driving by (one with a bit of a screeeeeeeeeech!) to ask how on earth they missed my pregnancy. Too funny.

I never thought that the burbs would be like living in a small town, but when someone at the park asks if you've been away because the shades have been drawn a lot lately, whoah. I grew up in a small town, but after living in Toronto for seven years, you kind of forget that people watch. Our neighbours in Toronto didn't notice that we had a baby until he was four months old. And we shared a wall!

Still, it was kind of fun to take my niece for a test drive. HS and I were the very picture of the two-kid family as we walked to the park, baby snoozing in the stroller, toddler on his bike. It was sweet and lovely and another reason to go ahead with the June baby-making plan.

First seems to be winning.

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Old Man Crowder said...

I love messin' with neighbours. We just moved in to a new place in the 'burbs of Ottawa as well.

Hey, maybe that was me you're messing with!

My wife and I will stand out in our yard and pretend like we're critiquing the neighbourhood. Then we count the number of faces in windows and see how long they watch us.