Monday, May 15, 2006

Time management and strawberries

Ugh, I am so pressed for time these days. My brother and his family are visiting, I'm on deadline for two projects, and Charlie is dropping naps left, right, and centre. Not good.

So instead of a post about all the things on my mind lately, how about some recipes!?

Strawberries seem to be plentiful and on sale these days (why is that?), and some of them even taste berry-like. Whee! So how about a smoothie? So yummy, and an easy-peasy way to get some goodness into your fresh-fruit-and-veggie-resistant toddler.

Throw the following in your blender:

1 banana
1 scoop silken tofu
2 scoops plain yogurt (y'know, the healthy kind with live cultures)
sliced strawberries
a few ice cubes
orange juice

Voila! Breakfast!

Smoothies not your thing? How about a salad?

Throw the following into a bowl:

a bag of salad greens (baby romaine is my fav)
sliced strawberries
slivered toasted almonds
crumbled goat cheese
a decent pour of Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette


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scarbie doll said...

Oh that's a great tip. Will try it fo shizzle!