Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hello and welcome!

I've been lurking and hemming and hawing about starting a blog, so WTF, here goes! I don't really know the etiquette of what the first blog entry should contain, but here's a little bit about me. If you're interested, stick around.

I am a SAHM/WAHM*. I married my first love, an amazing guy (HS) that I started dating fifteen years ago. I have one two-year old son. The reason my blog is called First or Only is not just because the short form is FOO, but it's also a debate I have every day. Will my son (Charlie) be the first born or an only child? I used to think that I wanted at least two kids, but after a nasty bout of PPD*, I'm not sure. I thought I would love life as a SAHM, but the truth is that, even though I love Charlie dearly, I'm not totally fulfilled being at home with a two-year old all day. And could I handle another baby, what with the sleepless nights and lack of sleep and the utter exhaustion, and did I mention the lack of sleep? Charlie was a TERRIBLE sleeper, and it's only now that I feel somewhat rested, as rested as one can be when your child is rarin' to go at 5:15 a.m. Add a toddler to a newborn, and egads. Sprinkle with the wintry hell that is Ottawa at the moment, I'm sure I would go insane. But after a perfectly lovely day like yesterday, I'm thinking that Yes! I'm up for a challenge.

But anywho, this blog will be about parenting a toddler, living in Ottawa, and various musings about whatever pops in my head. I guess that makes me one of those self-centred parenting bloggers the New York Times condemned, but isn't every blog a way to write about yourself?
So here goes. What else do you want to know? I'm in my early thirties. I drag my son to Tim Hortons every day. He knows how I take my coffee. The last book I read was We Need to Talk About Kevin, and it's still rattling around in my brain. The last movie I saw was The Wedding Crashers (at the drive-in), and I'm booking the baby sitter for the new Harry Potter and Rent. I set the PVR for The Daily Show, America's Next Top Model and Gilmore Girls. I'm a Capricorn and so is my son. I'm really looking forward to going home for Christmas.

*When I started reading blogs (and I read a lot of them), I didn't know what these acronyms meant. So here they are spelled out.
SAHM/WAHM: Stay-at-home Mom/Work-at-home Mom
PPD: Post-partum depression

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Julia said...

hey there... glad to see a sahm blog in ottawa. I am in ottawa, too but don't have kids yet. Look forward to reading more!