Monday, November 28, 2005

Harry Potter with a side of fries

So we booked the babysitter this weekend and went to see the new Harry Potter movie. The babysitter arrived at 8:30, we had Charlie in bed by 8:45, and we barreled out the door to make the 9:15 show time. Little did we know that we needn't have rushed, because there was half an hour of ads/previews! Half an hour! Now I love previews, and I expect maybe 10-15 minutes of ads for movies I probably won't get to see, but still. Perhaps if I wasn't paying for that half an hour I wouldn't be so bitter, but I think that's a little excessive. Especially when the previews are all kid-friendly, such as Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (which looked like it was filmed in Muskoka) and every single animated movie that is coming out in the next eight months. Ugh! Now I did like the movie, despite the fact that there were several moments when the scenes seemed chopped off (the movie is pretty long) and the dialogue doesn't quite follow (or maybe that was me, because I was up after my bedtime). But here's what we spent for our night out:

Movie tickets (2): $26.00
Small popcorn, small bottle of water: $7.26
Babysitter: $25

For a grand total of: $58.26

And that is why we don't get out much anymore.

I also managed to go out for dinner with a friend of mine at Milestones, which is new to Ottawa, but quite familiar to me in my pre-baby days. It used to have a cheap drink night, and my favourite was their bellini. Definitely not a bellini in the traditional sense, more like a two-ounce alcohol slushy in a martini glass. And dangerous, because you can't taste one whit of booze. Yummy! But I was in heaven because they had a dish that seemed made just for me: gorgonzola fries. All of my food vices in one dish: salty, deep-fried starchy goodness slathered with one of my favourite cheeses (but they're all good to me) and liberally sprinkled with bacon. If I could bathe in this stuff, I would.

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