Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chocolate helps too

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In my wilder (read: 10 years younger) days, I'd be heading to the pub to drink green beer (I can appreciate a fine Guinness now, but then I was more into hard lemonades, or if I was really going wild, hard cider). But instead we're having friends over for dinner so our kids can play and we can socialize. I will try to hide the fact that I'm not drinking (although the PMS this week seems to be crystal clear sign that I am so NOT pregnant), and this will be tricky because I'm always up for a glass or two or three of wine. Let's hope that the utterly fabulous cake I made will be enough of a distraction. It's a chocolate Guinness cake (very holiday appropriate). It is delicious, easy and utterly divine. There's still lots of time left in the day, so go make one! Here's the recipe:

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