Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Portrait of the blogger as a hairy, double-jointed, magazine addict weirdo from the grocery store

I've been tagged by scarbie doll over at Martinis for Milk for a meme that reminds me a lot of a drinking game I used to play, y'know back when I used to drink socially instead of gulping a glass of whatever's handy in front of the computer after Charlie goes to bed. We called it the Shame Game. Get a group of people together, drink, and each person has to reveal something that is a teeny bit embarrassing, but not illegal or disturbing, to admit in public. For example, one of my best guy friends admitted that his favourite TV show was Gilmore Girls. Another friend copped to getting his rights and lefts confused on a regular basis. Fun, no?

But anywho, since I loves me some memes, here are the rules as per MFM.

1. Reveal six weird facts/things/habits about yourself and then tag six people. (SIX!)

2. Leave a "You're Tagged!" comment to let the people you have tagged know they have to reveal six things (or the entire blogosphere will explode and it will be their fault).

3. Leave me a comment letting me know that you have completed your mission (if you have chosen to accept it!).

Here goes:

1. I'm addicted to magazines. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, you and everyone else. No really, I'm crazy addicted to magazines. I adore shiny paper. So addicted, I gave up buying them for lent. That was hard, but not too hard because I already have 11 magazine subscriptions (lucky for me I have many enablers who buy them for my birthday), and I buy about four others per month. When I'm not buying US weekly. Or mooching O magazine and People from my mom. Or saying, Yes! Please send me the new Blueprint magazine! Oh, and I know when they will hit the newsstand too. Yep, it's getting a bit out of hand.

2. I have double-jointed thumbs.

3. I was so hairy as a baby that my aunt told my mom she would get me a case of Nair for my 16th birthday. I still battle the hirsute factor, but thankfully the tufts of hair on my shoulders, that my mother likes to fondly describe at family gatherings, are gone. Alas, poor Charlie, it looks like he takes after his mom in the shoulder hair department.

4. I met the man I married when I was 18 (he was 16!). And we've been together ever since, if you ignore a couple of month-long breakups back in the mid-nineties. I guess this isn't so weird, but whenever I tell people this fact, they usually look totally gobsmacked.

5. I have a weak spot for top-40 pop songs, especially anything from the 80's-90's. And I will sing along to said cheesy music in the grocery store and even dance. I make excuses like, "I'm just keeping Charlie entertained," but I used to do this before he was born.

6. If I have a dream and HS is in it and he's being a jerk, I'm always a little mad at him even after I wake up.

Since I know of only one other blogger who reads my site, I'll tag Mommy Abroad.

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