Friday, January 13, 2006


After two days without an afternoon nap, I was getting panicky. What if this isn't a blip, but a full-blown, permanent change in behaviour? What if Charlie has decided that naps are so 23-months, totally passe for a big-boy two-year-old?

Thankfully, we seem to have returned to normal. After another full night of sleep (7:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.), Charlie dropped off in the car at 11:30 this morning. And I got him into his crib without mangling any limbs, so he stayed asleep. And he has been sleeping for an hour and a half. Bliss!

I'm sure HS will be disappointed. He usually takes the early shift with Charlie, so he was all excited at the prospect of an extra hour or two of sleep. Too bad for you, but good for me. Mommy needs her afternoon break!


Mommy abroad said...

It is always fun finding new blogs to read...I love Ottawa and hated TO. Stop by and leave a comment.


scarbie doll said...

Ohmigosh -- I will die when that afternoon nap quits. We're at the point now where the morning nap is fading and I am a tad sad about that (I usually sleep for that one with him - heh.) But you need that mid-day break fo shizzle.