Thursday, November 30, 2006

Grade 7 All Over Again

Does this happen to you too?

Say you moved five hours away from the majority of your friends. You call, you email, you visit, you try hard to keep in touch. But then you get hit with a month of voice-shattering illness, you have to cut your last visit short, and you drop off-line for a while. But you recover, your voice comes back, and you feel much less like lopping your head off at the neck, so you call, you email, you put some feelers out for another visit.

And you get nothing.

I feel like I'm in grade seven again. You know, when being a girl sucks because there's always a bitchy ringleader who wakes up one day and chooses, much like Heidi Klum, who's in and who's out. And if you're out, you're screwed, because no one is going to talk to you. Because let's face it, if anyone dares defy the queen bitch, you can guarantee she'll be next. I'm overexaggerating of course, nobody has sent me a "You think you're so much better than everyone else!!!" email or anything (but I did get a note like that way back in the day). I'm paranoid, I know. People have lives; they are busy. It's the holiday season etc.

So do I call again? Send another email? Wait? Clean the bathroom?

What to do?

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